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Our sustainable model of living Tried, tested, true

A Community Like Nowhere Else

Since its inception, Dockside has been raising the bar on what sustainable living means in Canada

Victoria’s newest legacy, Dockside, offers three core ingredients for sustainable living: our state-of-the-art Waste Water Treatment Facility, our District Energy System, and the highest neighbourhood building standards. Feel peace of mind knowing that your footprint is made smaller by living here. This imprint is not only ideal to the environmentally aware, but it appeals to those who are economically conscious. With the environment and economics taken care of, you can focus your life on the things that bring you joy, and create a lifestyle connected to nature and community.

A Walk Like Nowhere Else

Walk the walk

The gently sloping greenway is layered with naturalized plants, creating a habitat that welcomes bees and other pollinators to keep the land evolving. Stroll down the pathway to get from A to B or take your time without a destination in mind – stop along the way at seating areas, viewpoints and an adventure playground. It’s a setting that encourages you to move, to socialize, to think.

Dockside Sustainability Summary

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