Why use PlaceSpeak?

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PlaceSpeak is a citizen engagement platform that functions as an ongoing online version of the real-world workshops and events that have been organized as part of Dockside’s re-visioning process. This platform is an effective and important part of the community engagement process because:

1. You can speak as a resident, and be heard as a resident

PlaceSpeak uses sophisticated geographical mapping software that allows everyone to see general content, but only allows residents of the area under discussion (Victoria/Vic West) to comment and interact with decisions. This system eliminates anonymous commenters, and only allows local neighbourhood voices to be heard.

While the system must verify users’ geographical location when they register, it also works to protect their privacy. No one can see specifically where users live other than knowing that you are resident. This means relevant opinions are treated as they would be at a face-to-face public meeting.

2. You can participate in the conversation, even if you can’t make it to a public meeting

One of the challenges of public engagement on important issues is that we need to hear from a range of voices, not just those who have the time, confidence or passion to make it out to sometimes lengthy meetings. Childcare, mobility issues, introversion and the pace of life in general keep important voices out of the conversation.

PlaceSpeak will offer surveys, display boards and other materials offered at public meetings that you can view and comment on as if you were there. Your comments as a verified resident will get fed into the summaries and help us build a better plan.

The Dockside Green page at PlaceSpeak looks like this:



This is the project overview tab. You can scroll down to read about the project’s background, and get some specific project details. This page also has the most up-to-date and relevant information about the project’s real-world activities.


Click on this tab to view, create, and participate in the various discussions around the project.


Click on this tab to access the various images, documents, and links associated with the project. These documents include Dockside’s community brief, workshop and event de-briefing documents, as well as the Dockside Neighbourhood Charter.


Click on this tab to view a schedule and details of the events that form the community engagement process.


Click on this tab to view, post, or discuss community notices.

You can find out more about how PlaceSpeak works here; and you can view a short video on how to join the conversation here.

We look forward to both seeing you in person and online, and don’t hesitate to email us if you have questions about PlaceSpeak.

Dockside on PlaceSpeak

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