As a component of the triple bottom line approach to sustainability, the aim of social sustainability at Dockside Green is to act on the ability to provide opportunities for inclusion and connectedness among neighbours, encouraging a sense of community both internally and externally. Residents, commercial tenants and neighbouring residents, businesses, organizations and First Nations are acknowledged, celebrated and welcomed at Dockside Green.

Social sustainability is exemplified at Dockside Green through the development’s mixed-use design. The integration of places like Dockside Landing, Dockside Commons, and the Mutt Strut are intended to add to the mix of residential, office, and retail space, and create opportunities for community growth through social interaction.

In doing so, Dockside Green extends its reach to a wide range of demographics and backgrounds who desire to live, work and play in a healthy, vibrant community.

By continuing to connect and establish a healthy, working relationship with the local community association, community groups and local businesses, it is Dockside Green’s belief that social sustainability can lead to healthy communities that add to the social fabric of the City of Victoria.