As a component of the triple bottom line approach to sustainability, the aim of environmental sustainability at Dockside Green is to enhance and maintain the ecological health of the community, paying close attention to water conservation, energy conservation, district energy systems and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED ND™).

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Wastewater management and treatment at Dockside Green is completed on-site at the Waste Water Treatment Facility. This facility, operated by Corix Utilities, treats and filters 100% of the sewage and gray water generated by residents and commercial tenants.

The residual reclaimed water is reused on-site at a high level for toilets, and roof top garden irrigation, and at a low level for landscape irrigation to maintain the water level of the Greenway. Learn more about this facility by reading “Grey Water And The Green Ribbon” on our stories page.

Storm Water Management

Storm water collected on-site at Dockside Green is absorbed by rain gardens, or is directed into the Greenway via permeable paving, and exposed drainage routes.

The intention of this design is to allow residents and visitors to witness the story of water at Dockside Green – seeing where and how the water is collected, and to where it moves. At the terminus of the Greenway, the water flows toward the Upper Harbor.

District energy plant

The Dockside Green District Energy Plant, operated by Corix Utilities, is intended to generate high efficient heat and hot water for every Dockside Green resident and tenant.

This is achieved through either the burning of locally sourced, low-cost biomass fuel sources (sawmill and wood waste), or natural gas. The plant was built with the capacity to supply the entire Dockside Green development (1.3 million sq.ft.).

The LEED™ program plays a critical role in the development of Dockside Green. Currently, Dockside Green has achieved LEED NC (New Construction) and LEED ND (Neighbourhood Development) Platinum level standard for every element of its first two phases. Dockside Green remains committed to completing a LEED™ certified neighbourhood as the development moves forward. As such, Dockside will be working with future-phase developers to ensure that all future buildings will meet the project’s standards, leaving an improved human and environmental legacy for generations to come.