Dockside Green values the expertise, passion, knowledge and talent in the larger community and neighbourhoods, and is committed to fostering a vibrant local economy that provides opportunities to work, create and learn close to home.

As a component of the triple bottom line approach to sustainability, the aim of economic sustainability at Dockside Green is to deliver a plan that is feasible, to endure given existing resources, and to measure success against long term financial metrics. Precincts like Dockside Landing, Café Plaza and The Dockside Waterfront, connect the Dockside Green Neighbourhood to the local economy, and positively impact the economic well-being of the entire community.

Beyond on-site efforts of economic sustainability, Dockside Green also supports innovative, local business through the use and purchase of their products and services, supports local employment and aims to support post-secondary education by collaborating with local learning institutions to support education and training opportunities.