Neighbourhood Charter

Over the past five months Dockside Green has facilitated a series of community engagement workshops and sessions. We are very grateful that many of you were able to join us if not in person on our PlaceSpeak page. Your continued contributions and ideas play integral parts in this process, thank you for being involved. This dialogue is part of the evolving and ongoing work of the neighbourhood planning for Dockside Green. There is no doubt that VicWest is a well-loved community!


Through this process we have developed our Neighbourhood Charter document that is reflective of what we stand for and how we plan to move forward. Our Neighbourhood Charter is available to download below for your review.

Dockside Neighbourhood Charter

Our core values offer a way to shape our decision-making and measure our progress over many years.

1. Sustainability

2. Respect for Local

3. Inclusivity

4. Cultural and Creative Vitality


Please continue to give us your thoughts and feedback on our PlaceSpeak page. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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