Creating A Neighbourhood Plan

In the lead-up to the September 16th presentation of the Dockside 2014 Neighbourhood Plan at the Victoria West Community Centre, it makes sense to take stock of how far we’ve come in the past 4 months. During the first meeting in our Community Engagement Process on May 7, it was announced that we were going to revisit our master plan in collaboration with the community, with the goal to revise the remaining development to better respond to the changes in the Victoria West neighbourhood, new ideas about the connected communities, and Victoria Real Estate Market. We are thrilled by the level of dedication and involvement that the community brought to this process, and are excited to share the results with those involved, and with the broader public as we move into formal dialogue with the City of Victoria.



We began with a discussion of the vision and values upon which Dockside is built, and reinforced the fact that, in spite of changes to the development’s physical layout and business structure, we remain committed to building a well-loved, culturally vital neighbourhood where the mix of people and environment fuels health and a vibrant local economy. In late May, we hosted a Community Design Workshop which brought together a team of city planners, architects, designers, and community members in order to give shape to the community’s ideas and aspirations for the development. We were inspired by the enthusiasm and energy brought to this workshop by a community of citizens taking an active role in shaping the future of their neighbourhood.



Following this workshop, our design team returned to their studios to refine the plan that had begun to take shape at the design workshop. The team worked hard to synthesize the thoughts and ideas brought forth by the community and formulated a draft plan; defining new community gathering areas, site access points, transit routes, and a revised structure for the green ribbon. This plan was further refined through presentations and workshops in the months of June and July. After only 4 months, we feel that have reached a point with the refined 2014 Neighbourhood Plan, where we are prepared to formally engage in dialogue with the City of Victoria, and begin the process of bringing the new plan to fruition.



We would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you to those who have given their time, energy, and ideas by engaging in this process to date. We would also like to note that the process is far from over, and there are still opportunities to provide feedback and input on the plan as we go through our engagement process with the City of Victoria. We encourage continued participation in the process online via our PlaceSpeak page.

For those who have not been able to attend the community engagement events to date, the documents below represent a summary of the process and work to date:

  1. Dockside Briefing Document – Spring 2014
  2. Community Briefing and Workshop Summary
  3. Neighbourhood Design Workshop Summary
  4. First Presentation of Emerging Ideas
  5. Detailed Notes from Emerging Ideas Presentation
  6. Draft Plan Presentation
  7. Public Process Summary
  8. Dockside Neighbourhood Charter

Please continue to check our community engagement page as we develop our schedule for engagement with the City. You can also sign up for our mailing list, to stay informed about our schedule, and events relating to our process.


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  1. Chloe

    I am an architecture student at McGill university. I am currently doing a research paper on compact neighbourhoods, and wanted to reference Dockside Green as a prime Canadian example. I was wondering if there were any official plans, elevations or documents that I could look at and use in my presentation to shed light on this project.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.


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