Over the past three years, Dockside Green has a taken a role of participating in the social and cultural trajectory of the city. In order to lead in this capacity we are continually seeking out and creating innovative ways to catalyze conversation about sustainability in our city. One of these areas of conversations is about our local food system.

As many of our residents and visitors know, Dockside Green is focused on not only talking about our local food system but working with groups such as Topsoil to help grow our local food system.  That said we could not have been happier to partner with the good folks at Topsoil for another year to establish Topsoil at Dockside Green. As we wrap up the year, we couldn’t wait to share the exciting milestones of Topsoil that took place over 2017.

Over the course of 2017 Topsoil at Dockside Green establish a 15,000 sq.ft urban agriculture installation that house over 3000 pots, grew over 6,000 pounds of fresh vegetables all while hand delivering by bike or foot to 4 local downtown restaurants.

While steering away from traditional rural farming methods, Topsoil at Dockside Green’s initiatives would not be able to grow without the seeds of educating others on urban farming. In 2017 Topsoil hosted over 350 individuals from local organizations and educational institutions who were able to learn first hand how Topsoil at Dockside Green operates and how Topsoil at Dockside Green is adding to our local food system.

Participation with the ongoing social aspect of Topsoil at Dockside saw three creative collaborations with local community partners. In 2017 Topsoil at Dockside Green hosted Public Markets, a Long Table dinner event, and worked with the Songhees Wellness Centre to set up an urban garden of its roof top. Through the summer months Topsoil at Dockside Green hosted its very first series of public markets, giving the public an opportunity to visit the site, understand Topsoil’s growing business and take home the Dockside Green Farm to table experience. Positioned adjacent to the Galloping Goose trail Topsoil had dedicated cyclists and pedestrians visit the market every Saturday, with a total of over 100,000 passerby’s over the course of 10 months.  Along with the weekly public markets, Topsoil at Dockside Green had the pleasure of supporting the launch of a new local business The Long Table Series. Which transformed Topsoil’s 15,000 square foot urban agriculture installation into an unforgettable urban garden dining experience. Cultivating active partnerships off site is another large part of Topsoil at Dockside Green’s growing base of initiatives. This year Topsoil at Dockside Green had a wonderful opportunity to work with the Songhees Wellness Centre and start up their very first urban agriculture installation.

We couldn’t have been happier to see the exciting growth and collaborations that Topsoil at Dockside Green’s has seen over the year and to be able to watch further collaboration take shape within our community by Topsoil at Dockside Green. Seeing new people, places, experiences, creations and new ideas that have been experienced through Topsoil gets us so excited about the future of possibilities and like minded business collaborations in the neighbourhood to help maintain and shape our growing local economy.

For more information on what the team is growing, visit the Topsoil Website