If you find yourself in walking, running or cycling the distance of Harbour Rd, you will come across a large structure made from cube shaped industrial materials known as Thinkcube’s, ingeniously and collaboratively curated by local artists Joey MacDonald of InterArts and Scott Amos of MonkeyC Interactive.

While motion and colourless during daylight, the Thinkcubes takes on their full potential as sunlight begins to fade and the Thinkcube’s come to life. The industrial Tetris-esc creation transforms into a truly unique light and colour experience.


The installations creators, Scott Amos of Monkey C Interactive and Joey MacDonald of InterArts have designed and  and created a reactive and responsive environment from LED lights, sound, motion sensors and industrial containers. Originally developed in 2015 for Victoria’s premier creative festival, Thinklandia. The Thinkcube’s have transformed Harbour Road for the past two years and will continue to illuminate the Harbour Road street scape into 2018.

This beloved neighbourhood art installation would not be possible without the continued hard work and creative ingenuity from both Scott and Joey.