Precincts are the large building blocks which together form Dockside Green. Each precinct has its own specific character and response to the particular site and land use requirements within each area. Factors such as views, adjacent uses, soil suitability, grade changes, vehicular servicing and proximity to open spaces were considered in developing the specific character of each precinct.


Existing buildings
Planned Areas

The following components comprise the new Dockside Green Neighbourhood Plan which has been submitted to the City of Victoria in January 2015. While these plans are currently under review by the City of Victoria, they illustrate the components of the new plan which may be further refined through City of Victoria Staff, City Committee and Council review and approval over the course of 2015.



The Dockside Landing Precinct is primarily defined by the main urban plaza for the neighbourhood, which opens onto Harbour Road and the ever-changing backdrop of the working waterfront at the Point Hope Shipyard. The precinct is intended to become the main commercial core of the neighbourhood, with local businesses completing the edges of the plaza. Incorporating comprehensive, mixed-use development, with a highly integrated neighbourhood park and the Vic West Gateway and the 202 Harbour site, this precinct aims to conceal the core retail components of the precinct by integrating all levels of the buildings into a proposed “folded landscape,” using the natural on-site change in grade.



The Dockside Commons Precinct is comprised of several key open spaces: Dockside Commons, Dockside Crescent, and both the Tyee and Vic West Gateways. Due to its location at the south end of the site, the buildings within this precinct are highly visible. Buildings in this precinct are intended to increase in height, with the tallest buildings at the corner Tyee and Esquimalt Roads – ultimately providing a backdrop to the Dockside Commons green space, and an iconic contribution to the skyline of Victoria West. The orientation of building lobbies are intended to open onto Dockside Commons, allowing residents the opportunity to interact in a relaxed setting within the main park space of the Dockside Green Neighbourhood.



The Tyee-Greenway Precinct is located along Tyee Road, between the existing residential phase of Balance at Dockside Green, and the proposed access road, Dockside Crescent, to the south. Given its mid-block location, the Tyee-Greenway precinct’s character is to link the elements of the existing Dockside Green neighbourhood with the larger scale updated towers in a manner that creates harmony in both urban design and character. Three residential towers form the bases of the precinct and together continue the character of Tyee Road along with marinating the Greenway in orientation and experience. A key aspect of the precinct is Tyee Plaza, which offers a gateway into the Dockside Green Neighbourhood inviting surrounding Victoria West residents and visitors into the project via Wilson Street and further provides an opportunity to integrate a transportation hub mid-development, providing further connection to the City of Victoria.



The Greenway-Mews Precinct is located between Dockside Mews and the Greenway. The precinct draws its character from the Greenway, which shapes both the scale and the integration of the buildings that are included within it. With the Greenway serving as a corridor through the site, this precinct will include low-rise buildings which will function to connect the Greenway to Harbour Road, and provide a vital connection for transitioning from the non-residential uses on Harbour Road to the Residential towers along Tyee Road.



As the eastern boundary of Dockside Green, the Harbour Road Precinct is comprised of an existing collection of small-scale industrial structures and proposed commercial buildings that are intended to boast a lively and inviting front with building character, which plays off the industrial history and context of the site. A combination of elegant, robust, well-finished, light-industrial details and materials will aid to define this precinct, while simultaneously serving as the precinct that provides the vehicular access into Dockside Green and bicycle traffic via the Galloping Goose Regional Trail.



Comprised of both the Synergy and Balance buildings, the existing residential precinct is home to 266 units at Dockside Green. Oriented to Tyee Road, with commercial uses located at the base of Synergy, the existing residential precinct includes a mix of structure heights that provide the precinct with a pedestrian-oriented experience. The precinct is home to public art and a private driveway which includes a Car Share Co-op Vehicle. The character of the precinct is urban, and includes a design vocabulary and open space for both buildings that is cohesive and reflective of the vibrancy of the residents that live and work within the precinct.



As the sole precinct within Dockside Green with direct access to the waterfront, the Dockside Waterfront Precinct is characterized by the native shorefront and the adjacent Upper Harbour. This precinct is to include mixed-uses development which follows the curve of the Galloping Goose Regional Trail. Due to the location at the northern end of the site, with immediate connectivity to Point Ellice Park and the Galloping Goose Trail, the precinct provides recreational opportunities right at the doorstep for those located at Dockside Waterfront.