Debrief: Dockside Green Neighbourhood Design Workshop


We’re happy to have had the time to study, internalize, and summarize the ideas and themes developed during our two-day neighbourhood design workshop held Saturday May 31st and Sunday June 1st, 2014 in a tent on the Dockside Green site.


The workshop featured interactive design conversations among citizens, planners, architects and designers. Part creative process and part barn raising, the session harnessed the knowledge, creativity, and passion of all assembled to begin re-imagining the neighbourhood for 2014 and beyond. The session was built on foundational work identifying core values for the project as well initial themes, prioritized during a public workshop on May 7th. The neighbourhood design workshop produced a number of preliminary sketches and the outlines of several loose versions of possible plans. We have put together a pdf document which represents the core themes that emerged with a high level of agreement from participants.


A detailed summary document (pdf) of the findings at each of seven design tables and captured during two public reviews can be found at While we made great progress at the workshop, our public process is not complete. If you would like to contribute, learn more, or better understand the process, we encourage you to register at PlaceSpeak and join the share your ideas.

We will continue to incorporate your ideas as our design team develops a specific plan for the site, and we work toward the next event in our community engagement schedule: a presentation of the draft plan on July 17th.

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