Affordable Housing at Dockside Green

Over the past three months, residents of Dockside Green and neighbouring community members were introduced to Catalyst Community Developments, a not-for-profit organization committed to delivering Affordable Housing at Dockside Green.



The proposal for the Affordable Housing development includes 49 units, contained in two, three-story wood frame buildings. Unit type ranges to include studio apartments to three bedroom townhomes.  The buildings are proposed to be located on the R4 and R5 sites – between the existing commercial building on Harbour Road, and the Greenway.


Building upon Dockside Green’s community engagement process facilitated through the summer of 2014, Catalyst Community Developments sought community and resident input to the Affordable Housing plan from residents and from the broader catchment of the Victoria West Community Association through the organization’s Land Use Committee.



Insight, input and general feedback from residents and community members was welcomed and documented during these November sessions providing the Catalyst and Dockside Green design the opportunity to revisit, re-evaluate and implement changes to the proposed plan.

An update to the proposed development was brought back to residents in late January incorporating solutions and addressing concerns brought forward during prior meetings. As the project continues to evolve, pending approvals from the City of Victoria, Catalyst and Dockside green hope to maintain open dialogue with residents and community members.

The integration of Affordable Housing at Dockside Green contributes to Dockside Green’s commitment to deliver an inclusive a neighbourhood that welcomes a diverse range of housing, activities, and amenities.



Dockside Green welcomes the opportunity to add to the important economic, social and environmental fabric of the City of Victoria in years ahead. The continued progress of Catalyst’s Affordable Housing component at Dockside Green is an integral part of moving forward.


13 Responses to “Affordable Housing at Dockside Green”

  1. Jennifer Baynton

    Hello, could you please tell me more about the buildings named Inspiration and Prosperity?
    thank you

  2. David

    Could you please provide me with the specifics regarding the affordable housing program at Dockside Green? How do you qualify? Thx!

  3. Marlena

    I cannot believe that they are trying to squeeze those two new buildings onto those tiny lots with no regard for the people who live behind the buildings on the Tyee side. This will take away the light and cram a large number of people into a very small living space. Anything for the almighty dollar profit under the guise of providing low rental housing.

    • mark

      it has always been in the development plan to have housing there. people who purchased there would have known that.

      • Patrick

        Indeed… It’s always been in the plans to have housing there… Looking forward to them getting started! Still a go for April2016?

  4. Chris

    I agree with Marlena. We have a unit on the Tyee side, and these units will be pretty much on top of us. The fact that the access to these units will be on the tyee side, and there is no parking creates additional significant concerns for us. We are not NIMBY people, but this development seems very ill-conceived and significantly flawed.

  5. Linda

    I am a senior and would like to apply for tenancy in a 1 bedroom unit in your affordable housing at Dockside Green. What is the process please.
    Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Linda Macmillan

      I am a senior enquiring about a 1 bedroom unit in your affordable housing at Dockside Green.

  6. Kate Mahler

    Could I get information on your housing options?
    Kind regards,


  7. audrey colman

    How does one get information about renting at Dockside Green? We’re looking for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment.

    Audrey Colman

  8. Daliea Young

    We are looking at possibly moving to the area in the next year or two. Maybe sooner. We are in our 60s and are looking for an apartment, condo to suit our needs…perhaps 1 or 2 bedroom. What kind of units will be available at Dockside Green? In what price range. What are the management fees, if any? Please let me know.

  9. Lex

    Hello, I am interested in finding out the details of how someone would qualify for this affordable housing and how I might go about applying
    Thank you

  10. Patrick Dobek

    when does this project start? I heard it was supposed to begin April 2016…. almost June 2016? Is this still moving forward? if so do we have a revised start date?


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